Global Luxury Destination Wedding Photographer
Destination Wedding Photographer



Christopher Barroccu’s Wedding Day Storytelling is reserved for a sophisticated and concerning client who appreciates style, wants the very best and for whom high quality story telling photography is a priority. 

If you are seeking a Global Luxury Destination Wedding Photographer then you will have some questions. Who can capture my important day? Who can create the most spectacular images as they happen Who can make me look and feel special.

Destination Wedding Photographer

Christopher is known for his use of location, light, artistic eye and unobtrusive style with his background working as a Television & Film Lighting Director, these elements are combined to create truly unique Images that elicit rave reviews every time.

Christopher is very proud to network and partner with High End Luxury Vendors such as 5* Hotels, Highly Respected Jewellery & Bridal Designer companies. Christopher offers only the very finest wedding photography to his selective clientele which is why he teams up with fellow Award Winning Artist & Internally acclaimed Photographer Joann Randles who will be present on your day and surrounding days capturing alternative viewpoints and covering sensitive parts of the day that the bride would prefer a female for. 

destination wedding photographer

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